Friday, 6 January 2017

The Possibility of 4.5 Million Dollar Compensation from Canadian Federal Government to Beardy's and Okemasis

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              The headline "Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation awarded $4.5 million in compensation", written by Joel Sennick, is speaking of a possible conclusion on the Treaty Payment due since 1885 when the Northwest Rebellion had taken place. After over a century had passed, Lawyer, Ron Maurice and the leader of the Beardy's and Okamisis First Nations Groups have nearly brought this dispute to a close. The article written on December 27th 2016, stated the settlement amount of 4.5 million was agreed on and sent to the federal government; the government has been left with 30 days to appeal if they desire. Subsequently, if the Federal Government complies it is said the money will be put into a trust fund and used for housing as well as educational uses. The fight of this negotiation was started in 1999, by Maurice and the leader; the payments were originally withheld for three years as "punishment" due to accusations against the Beardy's for participation in the rebellion. However, as said, the request is currently in the Federal Governments hands.

                  Onto my opinion of the matter; further in the article, it was said that there are currently twelve other known aboriginal groups with the same cause left unresolved. I am very pleased with the idea that it is in favour of being complied with. Hopefully this group is not the only one to embark on justice, and it would be indescribable if the others get the same satisfaction. Also said by the writer, Joel Sennick, "A statement from the minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs said the “government is committed to a renewed nation-to-nation relationship with indigenous peoples.”", I hold this phrase to be sorrow filled yet delightful. It is sad that in this year, 2017, it is still yet to be  unabridged between the seen aboriginal community and Canada, their own land. However, the acknowledgement of this gap is still a step further and these proceedings will only heighten the capability of the future. Within my deepest regards I desire their to be unity that leads to an eventual end of century old disputes such as this, and others yet unspoken. On another note, I am displeased with the fact that the name of the leader of the two groups as well as the Minister of Indigenous Affairs is not specified in the article.

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